Lifelong artist Chlan Grant has over 14 years experience instructing children in the principles and techniques behind fine art. Chlan believes creating art should be fun and fosters an environment of learning through creativity and imagination. She combines high-quality materials with a variety of artistic styles. Chlan shares her passion for art by teaching students. Chlan volunteers in schools and creates art with students. The art is then auctioned at a fundraiser. Her projects have been very well received and she has raised over $400,000 for public & private schools in the Calgary area. 

This painting raised $10,000 for a local school:

Chlan has also prepared painting projects for large group collaborations such as Bar Mitzvah. The guests participate in a painting as a gift to the family.

Here is an example of a piece created with 200 guests:

Here is another example of a collaborative family painting.
Parents and their three children painted this piece with Chlan in her studio as a fun Christmas project.


Student Paintings


Working With the Students